My Identity Work

This is the identity I created for myself. It is a palindrome. The lower case “e” reflected resembles the shape of a lower case “s”. I plan on die cutting the mark on Business cards, letterheads, resumes, etc. When the logo is die cut, the opposite side will read “es” as well. I chose the color blue to bring a professional element to the design as well as to bring my serene, mellow personality into the look and feel.


Getting Ready for the Review

The annual ADCD Review is coming up this Saturday, April 30th 2011. I will be volunteering for the first session and participating for the second session. I am thinking I should switch that up because the first session is suggested for sophomores and Juniors, and the second session is suggested for Juniors and Seniors. Although I am about to graduate, I do not feel confident about my portfolio. Mainly because I have not had much time to work on it. I am in over my head with this event. I might consider volunteering and not part taking for now. I know Noah would be disappointed. So much to do so little time. I have had strep throat 3 times this semester and I just cannot maintain this schedule I have set up for myself this semester.

Fruit lady illustration

At my internship at Baxa, I don’t always get assigned the most compelling projects. Usually, they are internal projects such as flyers, posters, logos, and booklets used internally by Baxa. The senior designer at Baxa, Noah Dempewolf has taught me to appreciate every project and to find the best angle for each. These internal projects have little to none guidelines, I do not have to follow corporate guidelines. This gives me the freedom of creativity and experimentation.
The purpose of this poster is to compel Baxa associates to eat more fruit during their day. Baxa provides free fruit baskets in every lunchroom. This striking illustration attracts associates in the lunchroom to get closer to the sign therefore get closer to the fruit.

Letterpress Workshop

Metropolitan State College, Arts bld.
April 8th 2011

A local Denver letterpress artist David Parsons, donated an extra letterpress he had to the Metro State Communication Design Department. Thanks to his generous gift several student at Metro State have been able to learn the art of letterpress. Thus adding one more skill to pump up that resume, not to mention a lifetime of knowledge. The workshop is directed by Peter Regenold Bergman, a full time faculty at Metro State. This quick workshop has allowed me to further my skills with the letterpress, as I am one of the letterpress studio assistants this coming Fall 2011. I look forward to spending time in that little room. Thank you Peter.

Michael Boswell and Elle Kim: Party in the Front, Business in the Back.

Michael Boswell and Elle Kim gave an alumni lecture at Metro State’s Art Department. Michael Boswell a recent graduate of Metro State, went on to seeking a Master’s of Fine Arts at Cranbrook Academy in Detroit, Michigan. Michael is currently working under the moniker Assets and Inventory for pleasure and Nickelodeon ( a kids cartoon channel) for a paycheck. His work consists of typography and illustration referencing the underground Detroit culture.

Elle Kim graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, and also pursued a masters at Cranbrook Academy of Art. She has worked in publishing, advertising, and the fashion industry. Her work is also centered out of the moniker Assets and Inventory. These two have been working in partnership for years and shed light to the importance of collaboration and individual style.

The Internship Experience

Baxa Corporation develops innovative products of superior quality for hospital pharmacies nationwide. Baxa provides practical fluid-delivery solutions for both the pharmacy and nursing environments. The company’s reach is international. Baxa Corporation has been on the Colorado Biz “Top 50 Family-Owned Businesses in Colorado” list for ten years and in 2011 Baxa will move up to be one of the top 5 family-owned Businesses in Colorado. As a Baxa corporation graphic design intern, I have come to learn that the in-house design team at Baxa is truly a hidden gem. The exciting, and supportive corporate design environment shatters the notion of in-house designers being inferior in comparison to other design professionals. The overall feel at Baxa is reaching excellence through a collaborative effort.
The Baxa Corporation graphic design internship has given me an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the world of professional design. They follow an organized program of observation and practical hands on experience in order to understand the various aspects of the creative process and professional practices. As an design studio intern I have an opportunity to develop an understanding of various aspects in the field of design. This is including but not limited to, developing an understanding of the creative design process from initial concept through final project delivery, exposure to professional pre-press methodology for print design, as well as attend supervised press-checks. Also to further develop and enhance an existing workflow, and time management skills. Recognize and maintain corporate design standards and processes while applying these standards through print collateral and interactive media.
At Baxa, the design process is focused on assigning specific projects to a specific design professional. Although the creative process is a collaboration within the team, the project will be executed by one professional. My assignments at Baxa are mainly print design oriented from logos, postcards, to brochures. I work in collaboration with a designer in assisting with marketing collateral projects such as mailers and brochures for existing and potential clientele. Working on Baxa print productions gives me an opportunity to apply the specific Baxa corporate design guidelines. Most of my assigned projects consist of internal projects, such as flyers, posters, newsletters, logos, brochures, and other print collateral. These internal projects give me a chance to work outside of the Baxa corporate design guidelines and allows for an open design criteria. My duties at Baxa is to execute the assigned projects from start to finish in a professional and timely manner. The process includes first meeting with the project manager to receive specific guidelines and information about the project. Then going forth with the creative process, providing sufficient sketches and concepts to present to the team. Only after the teams input I would move to the computer to execute the design solution. The project will then be reviewed by both the design team and project manager up until it is ready for production.
Yes, I do feel qualified in the area in which I have been working. I have an extensive understanding of the software I use and I put the effort to obtain every guideline and requirement for the assigned project. The best resources available to me are my supervisors, who guide me through the creative process, holding Brainstorming sessions if necessary. My main focus is on the concept which is sketched out on paper, as for the technical execution, if indeed I lack the skills to execute a specific technique I have my wonderful supervisors or my team to help.
At Baxa I am treated more as an employee than an intern. Being part of the company has been the most valuable insight gained through out this experience. As a Baxa associate, my involvement goes beyond the design team into the corporate team. Attending corporate meetings, product line demonstrations, and other Baxa events allows me to understand not only the corporate design environment, but the overall corporate environment as well.
The greatest challenge for me to contend with during this semester in the internship came with a particular internal project. Baxa needed a fresh look for its two part newsletter system, one for the corporate building called Baxa Happenings and other for the production building called Baxa Beat. Each newsletter had a different theme. Baxa Beat had a easygoing superhero theme, whereas Baxa Happenings was strictly corporate. I struggled with the creative direction, for each supervisor expressed a different look and feel. I worked with three supervisors on this project, the designer who assigned me the project, the senior designer, as well as the creative director. I found myself taking a different route with each supervisor. Needless to say, there was a problem with communication. When the team identified the problem, our solution was to hold critiques and other creative briefs as a team, for a united solution to the problem.
One activity that I would suggest that could have been done differently on the job, in order to increase my learning experience in the field would be to participate in all of the creative briefs and brainstorming sessions with the design team. Due to my limited availability as an intern, I was not able to be present on a daily basis and therefore missed many critiques. I feel it would have benefit me to observe and participate in the various aspects of the creative process of other design projects besides my own.
My principal objective from this experience was to attain a deeper understanding of the in-house design environment within a corporate world. I feel that I have reached this goal. I have gained a valuable insight from improving my ability to recognize and maintain corporate design standards and processes throughout various applications. I also feel that I have attained a wider knowledge of professional design practices, which I would not necessarily learn from an academic environment. As for the remainder of my time at Baxa, I would like to dip my feet into interactive material such as website development and other interactive projects. I would also like to concentrate on improving my portfolio as a whole.

Raising Money for FLOD (Future Leaders of Design)

FLOD (Future Leaders of Design) is a student chapter of AIGA. The club consists of Communication Design students and faculty of Metropolitan State College. They are responsible for organizing Brown Bag lectures, and workshops. The club meets once a week to discuss guest speakers, funding, paperwork, event planning, etc. In order to raise funds, the club held its first bake sale. The funds would go to travel, lectures, and workshops. This was a poster I created for the bake sale. The appealing cupcakes are paired with an array of eery arms to capture the viewers attention and lead them to the bake sale.